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Iowa Goldendoodles

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Grey Collared Male:

Makes Consistent Eye contact, is very people motivated and wants to please. Total TeddyBear. So Snuggly.

Available Puppies
2 Males (30-45lbs)
Super Temperments
Great Family Dogs
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$2500 + $175 Sales Tax

Green Collared Male:

Great Family Dog. He will be excellent at retrieving! He plays hard and then is super chill and ready to snuggle! 

Specializing in Mini toMedium Sized Goldendoodles that are Multigenerational, Non-shedding, and Fully Health Tested. 

When you welcome a puppy into your home, you want it to work out the first time. Our job is to help you choose a dog that will fit well with your lifestyle (YES, puppies have their own personalities just like people!), and be healthy from the get go. We work hard to set you up with the tools you need for success whether this is your first dog or your fifth!

You may ask why is testing so important? Did you know that lots of Goldendoodles end up at the specialty dog eye doctors office from easily preventable genetic traits? We dont want our dogs to come with extra heartache and vet bills, that's why its so important! Ask us more about these testings! We can give you an earful!

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Violet Ahrenholtz

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Iowa Goldendoodles 

Denison, Iowa


We are  2 Hours West of Des Moines, IA

2 Hours North of Omaha, NE​​

From Chicago Illinois its a 6+ hour Drive. 

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