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Violet View

Iowa Goldendoodles

Puppies are here!
To RESERVE yours today, Call 630-816-2146.
See our "Puppy Page" for pictures and more information. 

We breed for Companion Dogs that are more than just a quick puppy fix; they are disease free, well mannered, lifetime friends. Many even fill need based roles in their families. 

 Ethical Breeding 

Right now we are taking deposits on our spring litters our puppies are $2300

We will have a mini/small medium litter and a medium/small standard litter

 On our "puppy page" tab you can see past photos of litters to know what your puppy might look like. 

We do weekly puppy videos when the puppies are born so you can enjoy seeing them as they grow!

*DNA tested for those who have allergies
* Puppies with Curly, Wavy & Straight Coats

*Cream, Apricot, and red colors!

*26 Month Health


*OFA & DNA vetted Parents

*Extensive early training & Socialization.

We offer several spots per litter for those who would like their puppies to stay a few more weeks for extra training. The weekly fee for that is $250. They learn crate manners and basic commands. Last year we had 5 started puppies and people have been thrilled with that option. 



Best non shedding dog for a family
We take care to Ethically Breed
Mini to Medium Sized Goldendoodles.

Our dogs are goldendoodle to goldendoodle crosses and are considered Multigenerational (not F1), and are fully Non-shedding. 

Our puppies are offspring of parents that are OFA and DNA Tested with genetic panels.

Family Dogs with Excellent Temperaments

Backed by a 26 Month 
Guarantee, and a Lifetime Rehome policy so no dog from our program ever ends up in a shelter. 

When you welcome a puppy into your home, you want it to be for a lifetime. Our job is to help you choose a dog that will fit well with your lifestyle, and be healthy from the get go. We work hard to set you up with the tools you need for welcoming a new puppy into your home through great breeder support.


It seems like monthly I talk to families who have already spend thousands at the vet on a sick dog, many times for something that could have been prevented with proper breeding practices. Many people only see the upfront costs on puppies not the future costs. We have found that no one wants a puppy that comes with a side of heartache and vet bills. This is why testing is so crucial to our program. Feel free to ask us more about our heath guarantee, OFAs, and DNA Panels. We will do our best to answer all your questions. 

Hi, my name is Violet and I am going to help you find your perfect puppy! I only put puppies in homes that are the right fit!

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy Finder
Health tested mini goldendoodle
Mini Goldendoodle for sale in Iowa

Meet Rosey
She Lives in Des Moines, Iowa. She is totally spoiled and lives with one of our guardians. In the summer you can find her lounging in the pool!

Mini Goldendoodle in Des Moines

Say hi to Milo!
He normally hangs out in Iowa City, but because of schooling he had to go with his owner to South Carolina - He is a STAR for how well he has done adapting with his owner to different environments and providing her love during transition.Now he is busy taking care of a newborn!

Mini Goldendoodle Iowa City

Like our Facebook page "Violet View Iowa Goldendoodles" to see the most current puppy photos and announcements! Connect with people who have bought puppies from us in the past and let their testimonies speak for themselves. 

We partner with 
to make better

Nuvet Labs

Breeder Code: 862159 

OFA Canine Testing
Whole Dog Journal

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Paw Prints Genetics
Baxter & Bella

Use Code "VioletView" for a 25% discount.

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