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Hooray, The Puppy Page!

Welcome to Our Litter Page.

This is where you will find out what litters we have and when they will be ready to go home. You can scroll down to see the different litters and past puppy photos from our dogs to help you find your perfect puppy. If it's not your perfect timeline talk to us about our boarding and training options. 

Parti Goldendoodle puppies

Angel & Whiskey
Medium - Small Standard (30-55lbs)
Available Late April 2024
$2,300 Plus Iowa Sales Tax

Parti goldendoodle puppy omaha

Angel and Whiskey had 9 puppies! There are still spots open for males on this litter. These Puppies will be great with kids and will come at the perfect time for housebreaking in the spring when the weather is nice and school is about out. We think these two parent dogs make such a great match! Whiskey is a super fun dog from our partners at Massbach Mesa. He is a Moyen poodle that weighs 47lbs. We have used him in the past and he brings a fabulous temperament. He has the darkening and Parti genes that bring the non fading apricot and the beautiful white chests to the puppies! Angel is wavy coated and she weighs 35lbs. She comes from healthy English Cream Golden Retriever lines. She is always up for catching a frisbee or playing in the sprinkler and has the sweetest loving personality. Her dream job would be snuggling nursing home residents. We are expecting to see wavy and curly coat types in this litter. Neither mom nor dad shed and both are DNA Tested for this. Just like kids, it's hard to predict absolute size, hair type and color in advance, but we can pretty much guarantee you will love your puppy from this match because we are serious about our temperament and intelligence screening. 

Medium Apricot goldendoodle

Rosey & Maoz
Mini-Small Medium Sized (15-35lbs) 
Available May 2024
$2300 Plus Iowa Sales Tax

Red mini Goldendoodle

Rosey is an F1B medium sized goldendoodle. She is a beautiful reddish apricot color. She is wavy coated and her soft coat darkened unlike some golden doodles whose coats fade as they age. Rosey is non-shedding and weighs 32lbs. She passed all her health testing and is parti-factored.  Let me tell you, Rosey is all about the PARTY. She goes all the places with her wonderful guardian. She has an outfit for all the important holidays and she has even met Santa. Rosey's puppies make excellent Therapy dogs, Emotional Support Animals and have super chill temperaments. We paired Rosey with a stud from our sister kennel Galena Goldendoodles. He is named Moaz. He is super chill and so good with kids. If I had to describe him in a few words I would say fun-loving and content. He was shut in with us during a blizzard and he was so good, even though he had never been to our house!

Patience & Monte
Mini-Medium Sized (25-45lbs) 

Coming 2025

Goldendoodle for Sale Iowa City
Mini Goldendoodle Puppies Ames

The way we raise all our puppies makes them well socialized. They get used to a wide variety of noises and unusual new things that help make them well rounded. Our Puppies make the best family dogs - we know this because I call my families and ask them as their puppies grow into dogs. 


Patience is so intuitive and a true people dog. She is 35lbs and is Such a Sweetheart!! So gentle and fun to be around. She is always up for a soak in the pool, a trip to Bomgaars or a snuggle! She has a straight coat and is light creme colored. We will pair Patience with Monte and coats will be Wavy and Straight. Monte is 38lbs and is just happy go lucky like the golden retriever, something we love about him! Both parents have all their OFA and DNA testing completed.  

Goldendoodles raised with children
Goldendoodle puppy with white markings

Socialization & Training

We try to give these puppies the best head start we can to make them the best family members for you, this is a bit of what we do.

  • In home care and supervised handling with little children. Loud noises. The Tunnel and other obstacles.

  • Weekly Puppy Video updates from birth to pickup.

  • Some aspects of Puppy Culture training

  • Early Neurological Stimulation Training

  • Beginning Crate training. Clearly separate bathroom and sleep areas help puppies get a housebreaking head start. 

A Healthy Puppy

  • We do extensive testing on our dogs and they come from parents and even great grandparents who had testing done. 

  • We feel confident in the 26 month genetic health guarantee we offer. We don't expect our pups to have any of the inheritable diseases we have tested for and as new genetic disease traits are identified, we keep screening our dogs. 

  • We have a vet examine our puppies at 6 weeks of age before you pick out your puppy so we know they are healthy. We send you home with a transition packet to help make a smooth transition for you and your new family member.


Puppy Culture Goldendoodle Breeder
Goldendoodle Breeder Council Bluffs

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